Phashtag API

An easy-to-use framework for commercial pattern recognition in images and videos.

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What is the Phashtag API?

The Phashtag API provides a suite of RESTfull HTTP services for commercial-grade pattern recognition. At its core, the API utilizes powerful neural networks and various hand-tuned image recognition engines running on high-performance GPU servers to process large volumes of media at a level of accuracy higher than any other out-of-the-box solution (while eliminating the costs of custom development for each pattern).

Our image recognition specialists are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use framework for pattern recognition so that you can focus on your project objectives.

Available Technologies

  • Object classification.
  • Image correlation matching.
  • Template matching and counting.

Common Applications

  • Logo/product recognition.
  • Food/vegetable classification.
  • Medical imaging analysis.
  • Face detection.
  • Facial expression analysis.
  • Textual keyword (aka tag) generation.
  • Detection and flagging of adult content.
  • Detecting similar images (even with distortions).


Our interface is business ready. All images and videos are processed securely on our private servers and then permanently deleted. Our image processors run on our custom high-performance GPU servers, allowing us to achieve massive parallel processing. Results are reported in real time.

Have specific needs? Our team takes pride in offering the highest possible level of support. We are client-focused, and are happy to fulfill custom requests.